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  • sadomasochism — sadomasochísm s. n. Trimis de siveco, 10.08.2004. Sursa: Dicţionar ortografic  SADOMASOCHÍSM s. n. sadism combinat cu masochism. (< fr. sadomasochisme) Trimis de raduborza, 15.09.2007. Sursa: MDN …   Dicționar Român

  • sadomasochism — ► NOUN ▪ psychological tendency or sexual practice characterized by a combination of sadism and masochism. DERIVATIVES sadomasochist noun sadomasochistic adjective …   English terms dictionary

  • sadomasochism — [sā΄dō mas′ə kiz΄əm, sad΄ōmas′ə kiz΄əm] n. [< SAD(ISM) + O + MASOCHISM] the getting of pleasure, esp. sexual pleasure, from sadism or masochism, or both sadomasochist n. sadomasochistic adj …   English World dictionary

  • Sadomasochism — This article is about aspects of BDSM. For other uses, see Sadism (disambiguation). Sadomasochism broadly refers to the receiving of pleasure often sexual from acts involving the infliction or reception of pain or humiliation. The name originates …   Wikipedia

  • sadomasochism —    The term ‘sadism’ originates with the writings of eighteenth century French noble the Marquis de Sade, whose 120 Days of Sodom remains a key text. The term ‘masochism’ comes from a nineteenthcentury exponent of the practice, Leopold von Sacher …   Encyclopedia of contemporary British culture

  • sadomasochism — noun Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary sadism + o + masochism Date: 1922 the derivation of pleasure from the infliction of physical or mental pain either on others or on oneself • sadomasochist noun or adjective • sadomasochistic… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • sadomasochism — sadomasochist, n., adj. sadomasochistic, adj. /say doh mas euh kiz euhm, maz , sad oh /, n. 1. interaction, esp. sexual activity, in which one person enjoys inflicting physical or mental suffering on another person, who derives pleasure from… …   Universalium

  • sadomasochism — noun a) The practices of sadism and masochism collectively, usually in reference to consensual practices within the BDSM community. b) Sadism and masochism in one person; the enjoyment by a person of both inflicting and receiving pain. Syn:… …   Wiktionary

  • sadomasochism — A form of perversion marked by enjoyment of cruelty and/or humiliation in its received or active and/or dispensed and passive form. [sadism + masochism] * * * sa·do·mas·och·ism .sād (.)ō mas ə .kiz əm, .sad , maz n the derivation of pleasure from …   Medical dictionary

  • sadomasochism — Synonyms and related words: active algolagnia, algolagnia, algolagny, amphierotism, autoeroticism, bisexuality, coprophilia, exhibitionism, fetishism, heterosexuality, homoeroticism, homosexualism, homosexuality, incest, incestuousness,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • sadomasochism — sa|do|mas|o|chis|m [ˌseıdəuˈmæsəkızəm US dou ] n [U] [Date: 1900 2000; Origin: sadism + masochism] S & M when someone gets sexual pleasure from hurting someone or being hurt >sadomasochist n >sadomasochistic [ˌseıdəumæsəˈkıstık US dou ] adj …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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